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Sprawdź słowa kluczowe swojej witryny i porównaj je z konkurencją
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My planujemy treść, a widoczność Twojej witryny w Google rośnie
Tworzymy personalizowane rozwiązania, narzędzia i raporty SEO
Dowiedz się, jak połączyć strony w swojej witrynie, aby poprawić swoją pozycję w Google!
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20+ detailed reports

Analyze your current situation on Google and make data-oriented business decisions.

15+ handy SEO and content tools

Plan, monitor and optimize your SEO and content creation process with our powerful toolkit.

3 core modules

Use Senuto data to enhance each step of your SEO actions.


Thanks to Senuto you will learn about competition and what to do to get one step ahead of them.

Attract more visitors to your website

Expand your keyword lists with our Keyword Explorer and launch successful SEO campaigns. Search for semantically-related keywords in any language and any country of your choice and boost organic traffic to your website.
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Track your positions on SERP

Track your positions in Search Engine Result Pages for chosen keywords every day. How is your situation in Google compared to yesterday or two days ago? Keep an eye on ranking fluctuations and, if necessary, be ready to take action!
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Keep track of your competitors on Google

After you run the analysis of your own domain, take a better look at the competitive websites. The more you know about their actions, the better conclusions you can draw for yourself!
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Combine Senuto data with the possibilities given by other tools to always stay up-to-date with your situation on Google.

People who love us

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  • „I use Senuto every single day. It helps me to quickly analyze the statistics about our website’s situation on Google, compare the results with the ones of our competitive domains and check the positions of most important keywords. Thanks to the fact that Senuto keyword base is the biggest on the market, I can also estimate the full potential of our keywords.”
    Łukasz Galik
    Digital Marketing Expert
    Euro RTV AGD
  • „Senuto helps me to monitor my keywords and their positions on Google search everyday. This in turn makes it easier to accurately optimise content on our blog. Since we use Senuto, we’ve been creating more SEO-oriented blog posts focused on our industry and the thematic category that Brand24 belongs to.”
    Mateusz Czech
    Sr. Director, Social Media Strategy and Audience Engagement
    Brand 24
  • „Senuto has provided me with important information about my visibility on Google. Especially important for me is the global visibility of the service in such countries as Poland, Russia, Turkey or Italy. This makes it easier to analyze the competition, especially when we enter new countries.”
    Marcin Kordowski
    Global Head of Search
    4 Finance
  • „Senuto is literally a partnership – they’re always on hand to improve deliveries, have agility and commitment to deadlines, even when we need extra strength to meet the unforeseen demands of my client. The differential is the focus on the solution, never the problem, and the status conversations show that they are interested In the success of the business – always ahead in suggestions for improvements. ”
    Leticia Figueiredo
    Content Performance Manager
    Accenture Interactive

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